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Spring Staples & Essentials: 2021

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

F&F's current styling suggestions for the season - Featuring loafers, totes, and baseball caps

Today I will be running you through key pieces for your spring transitional wardrobe, that in fact can be styled in different ways all year round. Not to mention that they are also alterable depending on your personal and unique style - try recreating your own looks featuring these key pieces, by accessorizing and putting your own twist on them.


1. 90s Baby Cut White Tee

Finding a good white tee is much like going through the hardships of finding a fitting pair of jeans. It does not seem obvious at first, but many factors play a role in finding 'the one' - Good cotton, transparency, cut, and no droopy neckline. This piece is an investment because it will last you for many seasons. Recently, I have purchased a 90s cut tee from WEEKDAY (Forever Tee) that is made from organic cotton, and its cut is by far my favourite one so far. In essence, it sits slightly cropped on the hips and the arms, giving it an 'undersized' look that I find looks much more elegant than a simple crop top.

Once you find the tee that works for you, you will not wear anything else - it is so simple and comfortable to wear on a daily, and for me white is a must.

2. Romantic Blouse

As someone who tends to sway towards comfort and masculine pieces on a daily, I think investing in a dainty lace or embroidered shirt is a must when you feel you need to look a bit more presentable. My favourite thing about this piece is that it pairs so well with denim, which it makes it looks very 70s (very on-trend at the moment). However, as with all these pieces, they do not go out of style, meaning that if you can find a nice vintage blouse by chance - buy it! If I could include vintage linked pieces, I would, because I find they are even better quality than any other current brand. Otherwise, I find French and Scandinavian brands do especially well in designing romantic blouses - think of Sézane, Rouje, or GANNI.

3. Baseball Cap

When the sun finally comes out after months of gloominess, my skin tends to be more sensitive to the rays, and a cap is my go-to - especially for protecting my scalp and face. However, these staple pieces not only act as protection but add a touch of 'off duty' look that I think is very on-trend (as seen at Celine or Sporty & Rich). Cap icons include Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy in the 90s or Bella Hadid, who have proven that this piece never fades out of style. Much like the 90s baby tee, the cap is a staple not only for gym wear but has now evolved to be acceptable also as a comfortable day or beach look accessory. Personally, I find green, navy, or cream caps are the most versatile!

4. Cardigan & Vests

Perhaps one of my favourite pieces, knitwear remains close to my heart. Not only does it scream comfort to me, but as you probably already know, acts as a superb layering piece. From chunky winter knits to cashmere knits for summer evenings, rest assured that purchasing a good cardigan, vest or sweater is a long-term investment. I personally find that duller tones are easier to pair with a variety of colours and textures. Although vests tend to look quite masculine, cardigans on the other hand are the right balance between raw masculine textures and feminine silhouettes, as they can be paired with layered jewelry and matching bralettes as shown by Katie Holms in all Khaite.

One of my favourite ways to style knitwear for spring is tied around the shoulders, ready to be untied in the case of mild-moderate spring winds.

5. Leather Loafers

I lied. This is probably my favourite piece - perhaps due to the leatherwork behind it, it just screams comfort and craft. I think that a good quality loafer paired with cropped jeans looks so elegant on women as it reveals your ankles in such an elongating manner. Nevertheless, paired with an A-line cut dress or skirt, also looks great, especially if you are not in the mood to wear heels or have a more feminine style.

It is also worth mentioning that most of the loafers I have mentioned below have a much more masculine cut, especially the Celine ones. Of course, there are many other feminine cut loafers that are not as chunky.

6. Large Material Totes

After decades of seeing people utilizing plastic bags for everyday errands, I am finally starting to see more frequently the use of reusable bags. Because F&F strives for the most exclusive looks, your reusable day bag should not stop at just being there for its utility, but rather a component or accessory of your day look. More recently I have been spotting more and more cotton printed totes, much like the cotton printed and quilted jackets. They most often are bedazzled with paisley and floral prints that remind one of a Scandinavian summer or French Provencal design.

Although raffia/straw bags come back every summer, this season they are one of the best-selling totes at the moment and I predict this trend to carry on forward through the summer and the winter with seasonal fabrics.

7. Bandanas / Silk Scarfs / Paisley Print

As mentioned previously, I would like to reiterate the comeback of paisley prints, especially in accessories such as bandanas, scarves, and now, even totes! Although originally intended for the bandana, it seems as though it has transcended to other pieces - like headscarves. As bandanas were for a long a staple fashion piece in more rural / countryside locations, it comes as no surprise that brands such as Jacquemus or Dior, inspired by a mix of the African safari, Russian folklore, and Provence, have showcased it more frequently in their collections.

I personally feel that especially in seasons where flowers are blooming and nature comes to life, bandanas are a perfect way to accompany this phenomenon. Not only do they add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to an outfit, but like caps, also protect from the sun!

8. Most Important... SPF

Spring and summertime are accompanied by harsh UV rays and whether you like it or not, the reality is that to prevent skin aging or more serious effects, you need SPF. It is also worth mentioning that even when the sun is not out, SPF should be worn. Yes, even in winter.

That being said, having your daily dose of vitamin D is extremely necessary for your health too! The sun is not an enemy, but should rather be approached with caution, that being SPF and shorter exposure to it.



Comment below your spring staple and your thoughts regarding F&F's listed essentials!

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