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Founded in 2019, Femme & Fatale Magazine was created by fashion enthusiast Solveiga Toffolo. In a bid to showcase the creator's passion for fashion, the industry, and second-hand, the magazine exhibits an array of influences that have formed her personal style.

From new upcoming brands, celebrity street style, and social media influencers, this magazine aims to celebrate the variety of factors that are capable to influence one's personal style and in turn, create a movement in the fashion industry. The weekly updated magazine discusses and illustrates through articles, topics that vary from street style inspiration to discussions about news in the industry, sustainability, and fashion history.

The name Femme et Fatale, translated into English quite simply as 'fatal or charming woman', originates from the idea that each woman has the power and liberty to do as she pleases, encapsulating female empowerment as the main priority to this magazine. In addition, it focuses on and celebrates the variety of women's styles exhibited through the media. Due to the creator's chance to explore a variety of cultures during her youth, this magazine looks at personal style, with a particular focus on European and Scandinavian influences.


This magazine not only influences but aims to build on your own style, guiding it to become more elegantly elevated, minimalistic, and sustainable; just a few of the factors that encapsulate the foundations of European and Scandinavian style. 

In 2021 the magazine launched an online second-hand store stocked with selected luxury, vintage, and new branded garments. In an effort to provide something personal to our visitors and simultaneously utilize a sustainable business model, the F&F second-hand store was created. The online shopping experience is made smooth for the buyer utilizing detailed images and descriptions of quality garments offered at low prices. 

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Founder & creator 
Solveiga Toffolo

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