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Street Style Steal #1 : Vittoria Ceretti

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Cover Image: via @vittoria on IG

Italian model Vittoria Ceretti (One of Karl Lagerfelds favourites), since her debut as a model at only 14 years old at a Dolce & Gabbana show in Venice, has exuded style from her street style looks to her personality on catwalks. Mixing patterns and elevating basic outfits with statement jackets is the way in which the model creates her effortless off-duty essence. Sneakers being her go-to shoe, her abundant collection shows that even with casual footwear, you can strut the streets with elegance.

Look #1

Click slideshow for outfit details and budget dupes

Image: Vittoria Ceretti Arrives at Versace Show at Milan Fashion Week 02/21/2020 (

Look #2

Image: Jess Picton Warlow and Vittoria Ceretti at Chloe SS 2019 Paris Snapped by Benjamin Kwan Paris Fashion Week

Look #3


Look #4

Image: via @vittoria on IG

Look #5

Image: via @vittoria on IG

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