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Printed & Tinted Pants

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

A Look Into Printed Pants: The Essential Piece for Spring/Summer & Tips on How to Style Them

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From Saks Potts to Paloma Wool, a numerous amount of brands have delved into releasing colourful and printed pants in their collections, which have made countless appearances on social media in the recent months. The subtle yet on demand trend follows the pairing of casual day to day looks with coloured monochromatic, leather laced or printed pants. The statement pieces, act as a strong accent to an otherwise basic outfit. For example, take Saks Potts' rendition, with a statement trouser paired with a basic white tee:

Saks Potts Leather Laced Brown Pants



for a grunge look:

Saks Potts



for a casual fit:

Ottolinger Tie Dye Jeans

Reformation Comic Jeans

Paloma Wool Patch Jeans



day to night ranging from monochrome to psychadelic prints:

Saks Potts via

Paloma Wool

Saks Potts Logo Pants

Gimaguas Striped Pants

The Magdeline Pants by Khaite NYC worn by Bella Hadid

Ottolinger Checkered Pants

Saks Potts Green Glitter Pants worn by Kendall Jenner

Paloma Wool Checkered Pants


On a Budget

Zara Paisley Purple Print Pants


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