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Gimaguas: New Trending Brand

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Brand Profile # 1

Thought I would start a new weekly series which tells the story and works of a new or upcoming brand which I personally admire.

This week I will be discussing the Spanish born brand Gimaguas, founded by twin sisters, Sayana and Claudia.

01 Collection Maxi Dress

“Always unique, the one of a kind techniques applied by local artisans make their collection hot property in Barcelona and Madrid - Vogue ”

07 Collection Pearl Earrings

Named after the Spanish word for twin, the brand encapsulates the definition of the word travel and vacation. This is evoked through their bright colours and array of vibrant patterns, most famously highlighted through the popularity of their “disco” pants.

08 Collection Flow Dress

The brand utilises sustainable materials, from wool to linens with the aim to create a long standing sustainable brand.

Their collection began as just femme but has just launched their “Gimaguas Chico” line in 2020.

Gimaguas creates clothing as well as jewellery, that being their primary launching products which made it into countless fashion magazines and worn by A-list celebrities such as model, Bella Hadid.

Online shop :

05 Collection Jumpsuit

Follow for more on instagram: @gimaguas

All images rights reserved to Gimaguas

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