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Our Favourite Sex & The City Outfits and Where to Find Them Today

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

A dive into what each character's outfits might look like in 2021

Like most, it is extremely easy to fall into the trap of binging a whole Sex & The City season in one day, yet there remains an upside to watching all those episodes - the different style & outfits.

The show values and puts forth the female autonomy and strong independence that Femme & Fatale magazine embraces, so we have compiled all of our favourite looks from each girlfriend character. To make it that much more interesting, we have found the current dupes for you! (Think about it as a trip into their 2021 wardrobe.)

There is nothing more nostalgic and exciting than to flick through old magazines and rediscover trends that may have made comebacks in recent years. So without further adieu, the trendiest pieces are for you to judge...


1. Carrie Bradshaw

Starting off from our narrator and perhaps biggest style icon of the show, (Again, for you to judge). An avid Fendi and Dior fan, Carrie is often seen wearing strapless numbers, and little to no patterns. Her style is iconic in its simplistic cuts yet colourful pieces, much like the cool Scandinavian girl of today. When she is not out buying a new pair of Manolo Blahnik's, Carrie is spotted in halter tops, high kitten heels, & something short to show off her long legs.

Our Favourite Looks

Her 2021 Closet :

1. Gimaguas top 2. Zara dress 3. Theory slip dress 3. Rouje Alma dress 4. House of Sunny top 5. Zara Top

6. By Far heels 7. Emilio Pucci top 8. Fendi Baguette bag

2. Miranda Hobbes

The determined girl boss is perhaps an understatement to Miranda's workaholic and 'no man no problem' attitude. Much like every character, your persona tends to mimic your wardrobe choices, and with Miranda that holds true. The self-dependent lawyer is always caught wearing a suit or an outfit with much more masculine features, paired with her hot and short red do. Miranda dresses according to her lifestyle and to her, style is the best mix between class and comfort. Although her masculine style is accentuated in most of the show, her soft and feminine side comes out once in a while. This can be seen in her accentuated small waist midi dresses and high heels, but only if she really has to...

Our Favourite Looks

Her 2021 Closet :

1. Mango vest 2. Dior canvas tote bag 3. Altuzarra suit 4. Arket blazer 5. Jean-Paul Gaultier top 6. Missoni vest top 7. Zadig & Voltaire blazer

2. Charlotte York

The more sensitive and romantic of all four, art enthusiast Charlotte is by far also the chicest. Her elegance and class often shines through with an elegant high neck, matching cardigan - tank top situation, or a flamboyant structured coat. However, do not be fooled, as Charlotte's traditional mindset and lifestyle manners can change with a blink of an eye, much like her outfits do. Once in a while, the gentle character is spotted in a daring piece, like the silk backless halter dress she wore at her friends wedding...

Our Favourite Looks

Her 2021 Closet :

1. Zara set 2. Saks Potts jacket 3. Calvin Klein dress 4. Calvin Klein dress 5. The Row coat 6. Zara cardigan+top 7. SIR long dress 8. Zimmermann dress 9. Tory Burch tennis set 10. Prada headband

2. Samantha Jones

The flaming hot character persona Samantha carries with her throughout the show really does transcend into her outfit choices. The sensual, yet strong and commanding Samantha is most often spotted in varying shades of red and pink, never putting an age mark on what is appropriate, breaking the rules and frankly, doing whatever she pleases. What Samantha wants, Samantha gets, and in those terms, what shows independence more than a matching suit or mini dress?

Our Favourite Looks

Her 2021 Closet :

1. Alexander McQueen suit 2. Cult Gaia dress 3. Saks Potts pants 4. Zara set 5. Versace bodysuit

6. Bottega Veneta belt 7. Rat and Boa dress

Let us know in the comments who is your favourite Sex & The City character and why!

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