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LVÍTZA Interview- The Founders Discuss Their Debut Collection & Creative Partnerships

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

An Interview with Patricia Potocan and Dmitry Gotsfrid, the designers and founders of LVÍTZA, a new womenswear brand based in Slovakia, centred around the idea of classic versus modern.

LVÍTZA is a new Slovakian-based womenswear clothing brand created by close friends, Patricia Potocan and Dmitry Gotsfrid. It will soon launch its debut collection dedicated to intertwining the best savoir-faire and vision of both designers. The founders have chosen to lead their first collection with classic minimalistic to pre-order pieces made from the highest of quality materials, which stand out due to their simplicity yet vivid colour palette.

At the heart of the brand lies a long, personal, and fruitful friendship, illustrated in the name of the brand which translates to ‘lioness’ in Russian, and symbolises both founders’ astrological sign - The Leo - Both born one year and one day apart. Having met during their studies at The University of the Arts London, Patricia and Dmitry were able to build and foster their own individual visions and passion for fashion, and have now combined the best of both years later after splitting ways upon graduating.

Today, F&F Magazine has had the privilege to converse with both founders in a detailed and personal interview, where we discover a bit more about the brand's approach to responsibility in the supply and collaborative process, as well as their inspirations.

Meet The Designers -

I was sure of the person I wanted to do business with. I knew she was the one. - Dmitry on Patricia

(above) A brief introduction to the designers and how they have arrived to where they are now

Mum - August, 1990

The designers have used personal images to illustrate Their World, that can be found on their website, allowing their followers to delve in a tight-knit relationship between the creators and the customer.

How Living in London Has Affected The Designers -

"There is a sense of freedom to how people express themselves in London. When I lived there I felt like I could wear whatever I wanted " - Dmitry

When asked if the buzzing and rebellious city of London had an effect on the collection's designs, the founders stated that it had opened their minds to new ideas and ways of thinking rather than directly impacting their designs. Both found that subconsciously, feeding off of creative and artistic experiences and the open conversations with the individuals they met, has altered them to think more openly - a distinct difference from their experiences back home.

Sustainability vs. Responsibility -

(above) Dmitry & Patricia discuss the importance of differentiating sustainability from responsibility and why collaborations means so much to their brand

Creating a Brand During a Pandemic -

Due to bureaucratic issues caused by the pandemic, both designers were found unable to travel much and have since been working remotely and collectively via endless Facetime calls and, '... an absurd amount of adjectives' when describing the process of selecting materials. Dmitry stated that the biggest flaw in working this way is the difficulty to '... pick up the true colour of a material on a phone camera', when Patricia called him from the atelier in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Nonetheless, this experience has allowed the designers to test their trust and joint work ethic in a somehow unique and adventurous design process, illustrating both founders' perseverance during these overwhelming past months.

'Fittings' via @lvitzaofficial

The Collection & The Inspiration -

(above) Dmitry & Patricia explain their favourite pieces of the collection and how the 90s' clean lines and designers like Miuccia Prada and Phoebe Philo encapsulate their inspirations

'Fittings' via @lvitzaofficial


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