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Casablanca: New Trending Brand

A brand every femme fatale should know of...

'A mix between luxe & leisurewear' - Casablanca


Brand Profile

Founder: Charaf Tajer

Sex: Men's, but has recently come out with a women's capsule collection

Category: Luxe Sportswear & Leisure-Day Wear

Inspirations: North Africa, Tennis Leisurewear, 70's "après sports"

Signature Motifs: Lemons, pastels, casino, tennis & dalmations


French-Moroccan born brand Casablanca, created by Charaf Tajer, has evolved as one of the most upcoming and iconic brands of 2020 and continues to impress today. Heavily inspired by 70's looks, tennis sportswear and the designer's Moroccan origins, the brand initially started off as a menswear brand, but due to its heavy influence from women's fashion, it has recently launched its first ever female capsule, specifically for Net-a-Porter. We are very excited for what's to come...

“There has always been strong feminine sensibility running through the Casablanca DNA, so launching a dedicated womenswear collection makes total sense for us. When I designed this collection I had an intelligent, visionary woman in mind – her femininity is her strength, but she can embrace the beauty of the masculine too,” - Charaf Tajer

The brand bares the trendy aesthetic of mixing luxury and sportswear, a fashion craze that has recently made a comeback from the 70's, and this is one of the many reasons Casablanca has made headlines imminently after its debut.


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Women's 15-Piece Capsule Collection Debut

Casablanca Fall 2021 Menswear. Paris, France

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Polos, silk shirts, pearls, mosaic inspired prints & LOTS of colour

Photos: Rémi Ferrante / Casablanca


Casablanca Pieces via Net-a-Porter

You are of both French and Moroccan descent, so I guess your brand is too. How does that duality influence your seasonal brand?
“Paris will always be the portrait in my mind, but Casablanca frames it. Casablanca was the city where my parents met and fell in love, where my story began. But I was lucky to be brought up in Paris, a city of beauty. It holds the heart of the enlightened. We, as Parisians, push for creative excellence and that drives me as a designer. Casablanca is the start of my journey. I guess it’s like a guiding light in many ways; I will always be able to see the light from the port at the back of my mind.”

Via an Interview at GQ


Silk Shirts - A Staple at the Casablanca House

Images via and Net-a-Porter



Casablanca x New Balance

via New Balance


Learn more about the brand with this incredible video by Loic Prigent. Strongly recommend to give him a follow if you are an avid fashion lover!


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