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Bijoux De Mimi: New Trending Brand

New Trending Jewellery Brand: A personal look into the Danish/French inspired jewellery brand with founder Amelia Hitchcock-Merritt

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Founded by Amelia Hitchcock-Merritt, Bijoux de Mimi is an English jewellery brand that launched as a lockdown project. Inspired by the founder's design environment and inspirations, like her mother's style, the brand highlights the best of Danish & French street style, inspired by minimalistic Scandinavian designs mixed with Mediterranean colours in the jewels & stones used!


A Few of Femme & Fatale's favourite pieces:


A Chat with The Founder

1. As a growing business in one of the most polluting industries, what are your efforts as a brand to tackle the issue of sustainability?

We have recently designed recyclable packaging which is in the process of being made at the moment, I’m hoping to include bio-degradable padded shipping bags, eco-friendly cotton dust bags & recycled earring cards. Our thank you and returns notes are already printed onto recycled card.

2. How would you say you differentiate yourself in the jewellery market?

When I started Bijoux it was incredibly hard in the UK to find colourful huggie hoops. There was often loads of fabulous well-known brands (Astrid and Miyu, Milly Grace, Orelia e.t.c) that sold simple huggie’s with 14k gold plating and white/rainbow crystals, but on a trip to Paris, I saw the French had some gorgeous huggie hoops with colourful stones and knew it would sell wonderfully in the UK. We differentiate by standing out, my goal for Bijoux is that people will see their friends wearing something colourful and ask “are those Bijoux De Mimi? I have the pink ones..” I’ve never seen somewhere sell so many of the same colours, with such a variety of colours, and I think because having loads of piercings is so trendy right now, it’s a great selling point for us because people are putting all the same colours into one ear.

3. You state your jewellery is Danish-inspired, what pushed you to use Danish design in your jewellery?

I grew up surrounded by danish style because my mum adores danish fashion and developed a huge interest for it, brands like Ganni, Samsøe & Samsøe, Malene Birger e.t.c). I researched their jewellery and it’s absolutely gorgeous, similar to Bijoux but a little more simple. So I developed this and found the perfect suppliers to fit my brand. Though as Bijoux’s grown there have been a couple of other online stores popping up here and there who have sourced stuff similar to our designs, so we fancy a change up, still Danish inspired, just new looks and styles!

As seen on on British model Mia Regan @mimimoocher

4. What is your favourite piece in your collection?

I adore all of the emerald stones, I personally think the new Charlotte’s emerald bumble bee’s are beaut because they’re so unusual. My second favourites are the Artemis Huggie’s which came out last week. I’m wearing them now and have already had compliments in a cafe this morning, the blue’s are just so bold.

5. How has the pandemic impacted your business? If so, what piece of advice do you give to emerging businesses starting right now?

The pandemic has actually been beneficial, as I wouldn’t have even started Bijoux without it. The more people are chilling on their devices the more likely they are to online shop. Reasonable jewellery is something all girls look for and because Bijoux’s are so easily accessible the amount of orders we have had has been incredible and each lockdown it has a huge spike in sales. I guess I’ve also not experienced the store without a pandemic yet so maybe people will shop more after!

6. After collaborating with Ram Jewellery, are there any new collaborations to look out for in the near future?

I’m hoping to collaborate with a variety of jewellery designers, to help me re-design all of the products over the next few months, all very exciting! I don’t think I will collaborate with other brands till the re-design has happened and our store has grown even more. This isn’t a design collaboration, but we are also hoping to celebrate Bijoux’s first birthday by hosting an event at the club Embargo Republica in London. So there is some really exciting stuff on the horizon!

Comment your favourite piece in the collection & visit @femmeetfatale on IG for a chance to win a pair of Bijoux de Mimi earrings!


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